Monday, October 29, 2012


 So, life has gotten in the way again, and right now, it's not realistic for me to hope to open my shop officially. Instead of putting that pressure on myself, this blog is just going to be my musings, photos, maybe some recipes because lately I've really been into cooking, and all that nonsense.

In honor of it being rather Fall-y, and almost Halloween, these are some eerie, kind of surreal photos of some really amazing trees just down the road, and one of my cat. Because she's adorable, and it's Halloween. Black cats and witches and stuff, right? Enjoy!

Anyways, I think I'm going to go edit some more photos, or maybe take a walk before Hurricane Sandy decides to hit. See you later!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall? WHAT?

This crocus was from the first days of Spring this it's almost Fall?! Time certainly does fly. But it's okay, because Fall (even though it means winter is fast-approaching) is gorgeous. I can't wait until the leaves start turning and the zinnias stand alone in the garden because the rest of the flowers have gone into hibernation. I also especially cannot wait to start taking my camera out on my little excursions to show you all how lovely Fall is in New England.

Now I have to go clean stuff. Ah well.

Until later,

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back in the Game feat. French Toast

Good news, lovely humans, (that sounded creepier than it was supposed to...) my computer is FIXED. My policy is TYPED. And now I just have to list the rest of my items.

Also, this is one of my new photos, called "Perched." I was really lucky to catch this little guy in the split second that he perched on the grass.  I wasn't expecting to have the shot come out at all, but there it is! It's a good feeling when that happens.

Also also, I just had french toast (yes, you did need to know that), and I had forgotten how ambrosial it is. If I were a goddess, I'd have that stuff on demand, stockpiled, and stashed under my throne at all times. Just saying.

Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


So, last night, my main computer suffered some sort of computer stroke, and is being fixed. Foolishly, I have all of my pictures on that one, and not anywhere else. *Facepalm*. I do have a few on Flickr, which will work for awhile, but since I plan on selling the photos in three saturation-variations (Brights, Lights, and Black&Whites) I'm a tad stuck. I only uploaded a few photos in all three variations because I'm just a super forward thinker.

Hey, I never thought to myself, what if the computer breaks? Gee, I should go get a CD and back these babies up.

But I can still work on my shop policy and stuff, so I guess it's alright. I swear I'm really making progress here! See?!?!
Alright, well I'm off to catch up with a have a terrific Tuesday!

Syrup and waffles (guess what I should have had for breakfast today?),

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Flickr/ Etsy Updates

Hi again!

I've recently added a few new photos to my Flickr, and am going to be celebrating the opening of my Etsy shop, Wandering Rush, in just about a week. I just need to choose a lab to print my photos, edit my shop policies, and finish up my listings! I'm so excited!

Here's my recent favorite photo, "Abstract Petals"

P.S--If you read this blog, (besides being the first to know about, like, everything) I might just let you in on some discount codes down the road. ;)

Also, I've been wondering what people's favorite online photo editing websites are. Lately, I've been using PicMonkey, which is "A Photo Editing Website Made of Win". Pretty self explanatory, but check it out! It's really similar to Picnik, which was my old favorite, but since it closed down this April and moved to Google+, I haven't been using it much. PicMonkey has some really cool effects, especially for members, and has quite the sense of humor. I mean, c'mon, it's monkey-themed, for toast's sake.

Sound off in the comments below what your favorite sites are!

Hugs and monkeys,

Saturday, June 9, 2012

D.i.y Glass Bottle Planters

Aloha lovely reader!
So, I've been doing more gardening, and today, as I was headed to throw some glass tea bottles into the recycling bin, I was struck with an idea...
Hmmm, I thought to myself, what would happen if I threw some dirt and seeds in these things?
I just so happened to have some extra zinnia seeds, so I went to town.
Here's the tutorial on how to create some unique, recycled planters!
You'll need glass bottles or jars, seeds, stones (for drainage), and of course, potting soil!
1) Fill bottles an inch or two with stones. 2) Pour soil into the bottles. Fill almost to the top, leaving however many inches the recommended seed depth is. 3) Sprinkle seeds into the bottle's opening. 4) Fill the bottle the rest of the way up. 5) Water and wait for a sprout!
Happy planting everyone!
I'm off to watch Vampires Suck, which I haven't seen yet, so I hope it's good!
Nighty night,

Friday, June 8, 2012

Gardening away...

As promised, here's that future post about gardening! I was happily planting until it started pouring buckets and thundering and lightning. But at least I didn't have to water! Thanks Mother Nature!
 My garden isn't too full yet, because my wallet isn't either. Ideally, I would have had seeds sprouting, but none I planted did anything with all of the rain lately! Anyway, here are some photos I took today: 
 A lovely assortment of the flowers I bought sitting on my deck begging me to plant them.
 This is the most passionate zinnia I've come across in awhile.
 Ranunculus! Although I have no idea how to spell it, I lovelovelove them.
 Dahlias...definitely in my top 10 favorite flowers!
 Portulaca...I got pink and red ones, but I'm afraid they're a little shocked after the huge rainstorm we just had...
 A macro shot of the orange ranunculus.
 A crazy daisy we found at WalMart!

 The poor things were really root-bound...but we fixed 'em up! smells exactly like honey!
 Flaca the Fly.

 Arnold the Ant. And the yellow ranunculus!

 My toesies and my posies.

Me getting down and dirty...with my portulaca?

So tomorrow we'll see how the gardens fared, and until then, I'm going to work on compiling a list of my top 10 favorite flowering plants. I'll be sure to share it with you soon! What are some of your favorites?
Have a loverly evening,

More art!

Recycled art is becoming a thing for me. I think it's really important to keep as much as we can from landfills, and every little bit counts. We've also started composting and recycling (which will be in future posts) and I was inspired. Here's another piece of magazine art I made yesterday. I think I'm going to add a pile of acorns behind the squirrel, but here it is!
Now I'm off to plant my lovely little flowers. Flower shopping in the rain is the best, but planting them is even better! (That'll be in a future post too!)

Keep on keepin' on,

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm Feeling Crafty...

I highly suggest this project to anyone with patience, Mod Podge, a magazine, and some free time.
I got super bored today, and rather than sit here on the computer and do nothing with myself like I always do, I thought I'd get a little creative...and then this happened!

I Mod Podged some newsprint on a small canvas (Roughly 8x10), and then went to town with scissors on magazine pages. And more Mod Podge. So much Mod Podge. Although, one thing to be careful of  is using too much Mod Podge. I did that in a couple of spots and it causes the paper to wrinkle.
I want to make some more of these, because I need wall art!

I hope some of you try this out...if you do, I'd love to see a picture of your work!
Ta-ta for now,

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

D.i.y Fun Photo Garland

Earlier today, I was thinking what a shame it was that most photos (of mine at least) end up in my computer, on Flickr, or on Facebook...and stay there. For like...ever. Very rarely do I ever print them out or frame them. Photos on Facebook and Flickr are great, but you'd be surprised at what a difference it makes printing them out and displaying them in real life.
This project is perfect for rainy days (or sunny days, or moderately cloudy days when you're not sure what the weather's going to be) and it does just that! Enjoy!


You'll need: Twine/ribbon, pretty scrap paper (for flags), your photos (spread out on the page like they are in the picture--this is important for later!), scissors, and a glue stick.
1) Cut the twine to the length you want your garland to be. 2) Cut out your photos, making sure to cut so that there is a tab (roughly 1/4 inch) on the top of each photo. 3) Now to make the flags! Cut a square roughly 4 in x 4 in from a piece of your scrap paper. 4) Fold said square in half. 5) Cut a triangle from the folded square by cutting two diagonal lines up and away from the middle. Be careful, since it's important that these two halves match up when they are folded over the twine. 
 6) Glue one side of the triangle and fold it over the twine, pressing both sides together. 7) Repeat this process with the rest of your paper. Make about as many flags as you have photos for an even alternating design. 8) Now for your photos! Fold the tabs on top of all your photos over the back and crease. 9) For each photo, run a line of glue along the tab 10) Fold photo tabs over the twine. For some of my photos, I found it was helpful to secure the back with some tape.

And voila! You now have a cute and personal decoration to hang anywhere!

I'm sure there are a ton of ways to embellish this project (ribbons, anyone?). Let me know how you did it, and while you're at it, go ahead and link to a photo of your finished project in the comments!
Now I think I hear my bed calling my name...

Mission Accomplished

Alright, so, one day later than expected, but I just opened a PayPal. And you know what that means?

It's almost ETSY TIME!

Yes, I did just type that.
But anyways, I'm super excited and I hope you guys are too!
Here's today's photo, titled "Citrus on a Stem"
Plus, I've got a DIY photography project coming up, and I'll be sure to post it as soon as I can!
Have a fantastic day!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Almost There...

Hey guys!
Tomorrow's Sunday, so the bank will be closed, but I'm opening a PayPal account on Monday, which means I am one step closer to opening my Etsy shop! I've got a few choices for the photos I'll put up
(including today's photo, "Fairytale Forest")

 but it would be great if you guys checked out my Flickr account and commented on the photos you think you would be most likely to want to see on Etsy.
Thanks for the feedback!

Friday, June 1, 2012

At Last!

Hi! It's been quite awhile since I last posted, I know. But now that school's out, I'll have tons more time to focus on this blog.
Soon, (very soon) I'm going to be opening an Etsy shop where my photography will be for sale. Here's a sneak peek....

Check out my Flickr account here and let me know what you think!
Have a loverly Saturday...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some Photography

This is one of my favorite pictures I've taken. I took it outside of a little restaurant in Old Orchard Beach, ME, and edited it on Picnik, a lovely little photo-editing website (but hurry, it's going to close and move to Google+ on April 19th!) I think it's the bright, hot air balloon-esque lights that got me.

First Blog Post, like, EVER.

Hey everyone! So, this is my first post on my first blog. Well, my second technically, but my first functioning one. I've been feeling bored/explosively creative/crazy lately, so I thought I'd start this little blog to share some of the things I love (photography, art, painting, books, DIY, fashion, so on and so forth..) and maybe include some DIY tutorials along the way. So...get excited!