Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall? WHAT?

This crocus was from the first days of Spring this it's almost Fall?! Time certainly does fly. But it's okay, because Fall (even though it means winter is fast-approaching) is gorgeous. I can't wait until the leaves start turning and the zinnias stand alone in the garden because the rest of the flowers have gone into hibernation. I also especially cannot wait to start taking my camera out on my little excursions to show you all how lovely Fall is in New England.

Now I have to go clean stuff. Ah well.

Until later,

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back in the Game feat. French Toast

Good news, lovely humans, (that sounded creepier than it was supposed to...) my computer is FIXED. My policy is TYPED. And now I just have to list the rest of my items.

Also, this is one of my new photos, called "Perched." I was really lucky to catch this little guy in the split second that he perched on the grass.  I wasn't expecting to have the shot come out at all, but there it is! It's a good feeling when that happens.

Also also, I just had french toast (yes, you did need to know that), and I had forgotten how ambrosial it is. If I were a goddess, I'd have that stuff on demand, stockpiled, and stashed under my throne at all times. Just saying.

Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


So, last night, my main computer suffered some sort of computer stroke, and is being fixed. Foolishly, I have all of my pictures on that one, and not anywhere else. *Facepalm*. I do have a few on Flickr, which will work for awhile, but since I plan on selling the photos in three saturation-variations (Brights, Lights, and Black&Whites) I'm a tad stuck. I only uploaded a few photos in all three variations because I'm just a super forward thinker.

Hey, I never thought to myself, what if the computer breaks? Gee, I should go get a CD and back these babies up.

But I can still work on my shop policy and stuff, so I guess it's alright. I swear I'm really making progress here! See?!?!
Alright, well I'm off to catch up with a have a terrific Tuesday!

Syrup and waffles (guess what I should have had for breakfast today?),

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Flickr/ Etsy Updates

Hi again!

I've recently added a few new photos to my Flickr, and am going to be celebrating the opening of my Etsy shop, Wandering Rush, in just about a week. I just need to choose a lab to print my photos, edit my shop policies, and finish up my listings! I'm so excited!

Here's my recent favorite photo, "Abstract Petals"

P.S--If you read this blog, (besides being the first to know about, like, everything) I might just let you in on some discount codes down the road. ;)

Also, I've been wondering what people's favorite online photo editing websites are. Lately, I've been using PicMonkey, which is "A Photo Editing Website Made of Win". Pretty self explanatory, but check it out! It's really similar to Picnik, which was my old favorite, but since it closed down this April and moved to Google+, I haven't been using it much. PicMonkey has some really cool effects, especially for members, and has quite the sense of humor. I mean, c'mon, it's monkey-themed, for toast's sake.

Sound off in the comments below what your favorite sites are!

Hugs and monkeys,